Tsuyoshi Miyano
Tsuyoshi Miyano Profile
Nickname None
Kanji 剛宮野
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Player Statistics
Club East Tokyo United
Position Center Attacking Midfielder/Forward
Jersey # #18
National Player No
Vital Statistics
Age 20
Height 175cm
Weight 70kg
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 1
Tsuyoshi Miyano

Miyano in the Tokyo Victory Game

Tsuyoshi Miyano is center attacking midfielder/striker who plays for East Tokyo United.Like most of the younger players, he won Tatsumi's stamina challenge and played on team Tatsumi. Supposedly a forward, teaming up with Sera during the soccer-tennis match when pairings were suppose to be of the same position[1], but has never once played in that position. He was also referred to as a midfielder by the Hiraizumi during the game against Tokyo Victory, when he was substituted for Ishigami.[2] He also came on as a substitute against the Osaka Gunners as an attacking midfielder.[3]

In the final episode of the anime, Midfielder Akasaki was away from ETU to play in the National Team. The temporary hole in ETU was filled by Miyano.


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