Takeshi Tatsumi is a Japanese former soccer player and the current head coach of East Tokyo United and was the greatest player to ever play for ETU. Now, he has returned to the club as their manager with intentions of bringing ETU back into power. He is also a 2-time World Cup veteran, playing at the 2002 cup in Japan and South Korea and in 2006 in Germany for Japan. During the 2006 World Cup he scored his only goal in The World Cup against Brazil at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany, and he became a hero. His position was as a forward and as a left midfielder.

Takeshi Tatsumi
Takeshi Tatsumi
Nickname Tatsumi
Kanji 達海 猛
Romanji Tatsumi Takeshi
Coaching Positions
Position Head Coach
Club East Tokyo United
Former Club FC Eastham
Vital Statistics
Age 35

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tomokazu Seki


He was the star player of East Tokyo United for 10 years until he was convinced by his agent to leave the club because of injuries. He was recruited by Goto several years later to coach the club he had left controversially. His first serious task as a coach was to hold a dash trial. After he analysed the dash results, he selected those players whose dash times between their first dash and final dash had the smallest differentials. He then lifted the ban on one touch win against the regulars.[1] Subsequently, Akasaki, Sera, Kiyokawa, Ishihama and Tsubaki became part of the regular squad, bumping multiple older players into the substitutes bench. Tatsumi was considered a potential legend at the club before he abruptly left.  

Playing Career Edit

1995-2005 East Tokyo United

2002-2008 Japan national team

Managing Career Edit

2009-2010 FC Eastham

2010- East Tokyo United

Tactical Analysis Edit

Tatsumi's favourite formation is 4-5-1, but sometimes he also utilizes 4-4-2 formation. His tactic relies on solid defensive play before counter attacking rapidly. When his team has the ball, the center backs will spread and move further forward, so the goalkeeper has enough room to dwell on ball before pass it to his teammates. The center back positions are usually occupied by Kuroda and Sugie because they cover each other's weakness and have good mutual understanding. Kuroda is short but agile, while Sugie is taller.

At the midfield, Gino is the center of ETU's attacking play because of his very good vision and passing ability, but he rarely gets involved when his team are defending. The captain Murakoshi, on the other hand, is the main breaker of the opposition attack before they are able to reach ETU's backline. The wing positions are occupied by Tsubaki and Akasaki, because both are known for their energetic play. The forward position is usually occupied by Sera. But when Natsuki returns from his long-term injury, Natsuki is slowly reintroduced to the starting line-up due to his excellent finishing ability.


  • Even though Tatsumi coached in England for aproximatly 3 years, he doesn't know what fish and chips are.[2]
  • As a player, Tatsumi has been described as being a combination of Gino and Tsubaki.
  • Over the course of his 3 years of coaching, he was able to bring his former club FC Eastham to the FA Cup Final to face off against Portsmouth FC.


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