Ren Mochida
Kanji 持田
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Player Statistics
Club Tokyo Victory
Position Midfield
Jersey # #10
National Player Yes
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 12 Page 14
Anime Debut Episode 3
Japanese Voice Canna Nobutoshi

Ren Mochida is known as "The Heart of Tokyo Victory" and is their play-maker. Mochida is also a member of the National Team. He is very skilled, is perhaps the most admired soccer player in the Giant Killing universe. However, he is tactless and brutish, which irritates his opponents as well as his teammates.

During the pre-season friendly against ETU, he identified Tsubaki as the key player, instead of Gino. As a result, Mochida targeted Tsubaki, causing him to lose his confidence. Mochida is noted for his cunning, which Kuroda states he frequently uses to trick referees into awarding fouls in favor of Tokyo Victory.

The Tokyo Victory head coach/manager, Hiraizumi, thinks Mochida and Tatsumi are similar, in that they both played soccer too hard and damaged their legs. Mochida was out on injury leave, for a big part of the first half of the season. His team, Tokyo Victory, performed poorly without him.

The last match of the first half of the season was Tokyo Victory vs. ETU, in the Tokyo Victory home stadium. Mochida was on the bench for the entire first half of the game, and the beginning of the second half. He made terrifying faces at Tsubaki. When Mochida finally entered the game, he made it very difficult for ETU to score against Tokyo Victory, partly by his excellent soccer skills, partly by his formidable fame, partly by his ability to unite and encourage his team. This Tokyo Victory-ETU game ended with a 1-1 tie.

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