Nickname Kubo
Kanji 窪田
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Player Statistics
Club Osaka Gunners
Position Forward
Jersey # #7
National Player U-23 Olympic Team[1]
Vital Statistics
Age 20

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter ?
Anime Debut Episode 20
Japanese Voice Masahiro Yamanaka

Kubota is one of the four forwards of the Osaka Gunners.


Kubota is the most quiet and reserved forward on the Osaka Gunners, which is surprising since he is such a powerful attacker. His teammates call him boring and when he is first introduced he only replies to them with "Ah... I guess.. so?"[2]

Kubota used to be a defender and even played on the U-19 National team in that position. However, he never did anything spectacular. By chance, Dulfer assigned him to be a forward during the pre-season training camp and realized that everything Kubota did as a forward was designed to score goals. Kubota himself delights in being a forward and is thankful to Dulfer for converting him into one.

He was pitted against Sugie when the Gunners played ETU and left Sugie in the dust. But in doing so Kubota, who lacks stamina, wore himself out and had to be substituted. As he is the key to the the Gunners' constant ball possession, his substitution saw an end to the Gunners' relentless assault. He and Tsubaki have a mutual admiration of each other.


Kubota with the U-23 National Team

Kubota played with Akasaki for the U-23 National Olympic Team during the teams preliminary match against Hong Kong.

Player PerformanceEdit

Kubota is said to be one of the most terrifying opposing players that ETU has ever gone up against. His main strength is his good sense of analyzing the environment and situational playmaking. He also has a big sight radius from his days as a defensive midfielder.[3] Kubota is able to recover loose balls easily enabling more goal attempts for the other Gunner forwards. This strategy of continued attacks inevitably leads to the wearing down of the opposing team's defense. He is also very skilled in ball control enabling him to make well placed elegant passes to the other forwards. However, his poor stamina inhibits him from playing a full game and is usually switched out during the game.[4]


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