Kazuki Kuroda
Kazuki Kuroda
Nickname Kuro
Kanji 黒田 一樹
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Player Statistics
Club East Tokyo United
Position Defender
Jersey # #2
National Player No
Vital Statistics
Age 28
Height 170cm
Weight 67kg
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Marital Status Unmarried[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter ?
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kentarou Itou

Kazuki Kuroda plays center back for East Tokyo United.He wears the #2 jersey


Kuroda is known for his hot temper and loyalty to Murakoshi. Along with Sugie, he stayed with Murakoshi and ETU, even in their bleak years. Kuroda initially had problems working with Tatsumi as he did not understand how Tatsumi's actions related to helping the team, leading to much frustration on Kuroda's part and prompting him to ask for a transfer to another club. During his time on the bench, Kuroda is able to reflect with fellow defender Sugie on how it is that they must change and not Tatsumi. After realizing he needs to show more support to the team, Kuroda starts to be more complimentary towards the group and tries to keep their spirits up when things seem down (though the team members are unsure if they are compliments as Kuroda still shouts, though they know what he means and work alongside him). Tatsumi loves to tease him and push him to his limits in the belief that it's Kuroda's skill to annoy people and his hot temper that works to ETU's advantage during games and in order to help Kuroda become stronger as a player.

He and Sugie are close and often go out to eat Ramen together.


Hot tempered, loud, and full of passion for ETU, Kuroda is always aiming to wipe his opponents' smirks off their faces and prove his naysayers wrong by being a good defender, despite not being as big in build as fellow defender Sugie. Kuroda thinks he knows best but will always listen to Midorikawa, Murakoshi and Sugie. He and Akasaki tend to fight a lot as they share different views on how to play.

After Kuroda and

Kuroda shouting at ETU supporters, after that question his height against Hauer. [2]


Kuroda and Akasaki during half time playing Albireos Niigata.[3]

Sugie realized they needed to accept the changes to the team, Akasaki and Kuroda still have some differences between them. Even though he scares people (even ETU fans), Kuroda is a bit of a dork and is easily embarrassed.

Player PerformanceEdit

He is cited as having an exceptional talent of riling people up. Because of this, he is pitted against Hauer to incite Hauer into performing poorly. Kuroda's so talented in irritating people that he was even able to transcend the language barrier between him and Hauer.[2]


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