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Player Statistics
Club Nagoya Grand Palace
Position Forward
Jersey # #11
National Player Yes
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut

Itagaki is a forward for Nagoya Grand Palace. He was the undisputed star of Nagoya Grand Palace until the arrival of the Brazilian Trio of Pepe, Zelberto and Carlos, at which point Itagaki lost his preferred position of right forward to Pepe and became a left forward. Itagaki bears a great deal of resentment towards the Brazilian and frequently refers to them as monkeys when thinking about them.

Itagaki's mentor was Domingo, a player from Colombia who used to play for Nagoya Grand Palace. According to Kuroda, Itagaki's playing style is a copy of Domingo and an inferior copy at best. As a result, Itagaki has difficulty getting past Kuroda, who obsessively studied Domingo's playing style in and effort to defend flawlessly against him.

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