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Player Statistics
Club Osaka Gunners
Position Forward
Jersey # #18
National Player
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut

Hauer is one of the four Forwards of the Osaka Gunners.

He is Dutch. Because he has spent a lot of time with Hatake and Katayama, Hauer's Japanese has their Osaka accent.

Hauer does not like his hair being messed with, even by his beloved teammates.

Hauer is large, so people expect large defenders, like Sugie, to mark him. But the small Kuroda was somewhat successful in marking Hauer. Hauer's large size can be seen as an advantage. Tatsumi said on page 9 of chapter 127, "We were apprehensive about the possiblity of a Hauer and Leonardo pairing at the front. If they were to just pump balls forward to these two tall and powerful forwards, it'll be pretty tough for us."

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