Coaching Positions
Position Head Coach
Club Osaka Gunners
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter
Anime Debut Episode 6
Japanese Voice Naomi Kusumi

Dulfer is the head coach of Osaka Gunners. He comes from Netherlands and relies heavily on his translator, Sonoda, for communication. Dulfer's team are known for their beautiful and attacking play.

History Edit

It is unknown since when Dulfer starts managing Osaka Gunners. What has been known is in the previous season before Tatsumi was hired as ETU new manager, his team finished second with the highest goal productivity. Dulfer first met Tatsumi at league press conference event and commented that Tatsumi will become an unpredictable manager. When Osaka finally met ETU at ETU stadium, Osaka lost 2-3 after led 2-0 in the first half. After the match, Dulfer said nothing to Tatsumi, but admitted to Sonoda that he was angry and disappointed with himself.

Tactical Analysis Edit

Dulfer's favourite formation is a very aggressive 4-2-4. Each of the forwards chosen by Dulfer has different characteristic and style of play. Hauer for example, is excellent at aerial duel and scoring with his head, while the young Kubota has very unpredictable movement and difficult to mark. With that formation, Dulfer's team have bigger chance to score while at the same time keeping the opposition at their own half and preventing them from attacking. Even if the opponents somehow were able to break into Osaka's own third, Osaka were still able to prevent themselves from being conceded because all of their regular defenders were national calibre and have good defensive ability.

The main drawback of this tactic is because of its aggressive tendency, this tactic requires very good stamina, especially for the defenders. When Osaka are attacking, the backline has to move forward to shorten the gap between backline and midfield line. When opponents were counter attacking, the defenders have to run quickly to break the attack. A clever opponent can tire Osaka defenders quicker by simply passing the ball into space and forcing Osaka defenders to chase it, making Osaka defense more vulnerable when the match is entering final minutes.

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